Father & Son Shoot

Tuesday I was scheduled to have a father/son shoot late in the afternoon. As things unfolded, it turned out that my client couldn’t make it. Rather than skip the shoot, I decided to do it anyway with my own father and son duo. I had the ideas, location and final day on a rental portrait…… Continue reading Father & Son Shoot


I’m on a posting roll!  Don’t worry, I’ll slink back into business in a couple days.  Get it while you can.  It ebbs and flows. In the mean time, I’ve been catching up with all the blogs and companies I like.  I found another contest in which I’d like to participate.  The ladies over at…… Continue reading Friends

Are You Ready for Some Football?

I posted a peak last week of the second twin shoot in a month.  This football session was really fun.  I’ve never heard of anyone sending out football season cards.  It was a fun twist.  Here’s a few more of my favorites.         The cards that they got were double-sided.  I put…… Continue reading Are You Ready for Some Football?

Welcome Jackson

I love getting to cuddle on new squishy babies.  Jackson was a dream to photograph.  He has a wonderful temperament.  There was barely a fuss and that was only to eat a short snack. I hope to have the opportunity to photography him more as he grows into a rowdy, rough and tough boy.