My New Toy

Oh boy am I over the moon!!! I have been drooling over wanting needing a new sewing machine. I have taken my sewing to a new level in the last year and my current machine just wasn’t cutting it anymore. She lasted me well. We’ve been together more than 10 years but it was time that I moved on. More stitches, double needles, width control, needle position, free motion…all the things my girl just couldn’t give me. I am a Joanns super shopper. I rarely buy anything without a coupon and have been watching the sales on their sewing machines for quite some time. A few days ago, the machine that I had my eye on, we on sale. $200 off!! I couldn’t resist!! It took me quite some time just to read over the manual and I think I’m ready to plug it in. I’ve been dreaming about all the new things I can do with these new features. Look out world, here comes a sewing fool!

This is the one I made mine.



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