Father & Son Shoot

Tuesday I was scheduled to have a father/son shoot late in the afternoon. As things unfolded, it turned out that my client couldn’t make it. Rather than skip the shoot, I decided to do it anyway with my own father and son duo. I had the ideas, location and final day on a rental portrait…… Continue reading Father & Son Shoot


I’m on a posting roll!  Don’t worry, I’ll slink back into business in a couple days.  Get it while you can.  It ebbs and flows. In the mean time, I’ve been catching up with all the blogs and companies I like.  I found another contest in which I’d like to participate.  The ladies over at…… Continue reading Friends

Licking the Bowl

Mom and I went blueberry picking the other day with the kids. We had a blast chatting, picking, wandering, eating, laughing. Normally it’s a quick task but this time it wasn’t.  A lot were smooshy, and many were small.  It seemed like it took forever to get anything in the bucket.  It didn’t help that…… Continue reading Licking the Bowl

You must be YEA tall to ride this ride.

First I just want to start out with; Yes, I know.  I’m one of those moms.  The one that thinks their kid is the coolest and the most perfect thing ever.  Except, I know I’m right. Just look at this.  Just turned 2 and he’s tearing it up on the slopes! More about this picture…… Continue reading You must be YEA tall to ride this ride.