This quaint little inn is on my way to just about everything.  It’s right in the heart of Windsor and I pass by it many times a week. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Nate, the innkeeper, when I did the jewelry shoot with Gosia Meyer.  Great place and great people.  One of my many drive by left me speechless this Autumn.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to stop and capture the most magnificent light that was falling at that moment. I made it a plan to go back the very next day at the same time.  It wasn’t quite as warm and magical as it was that first day but amazing, none the less.
This, to me, is classic New England Autumn.  It was captured 10/28/2012.  One month ago today.

I’m not a huge fan of Halloween. I love the things of fall, carving pumpkins and dressing up but the ‘holiday’ itself, not so much. It’s been a while since I actually participated in anything
Halloween. Yesterday we decided to carve our pumpkins. We did one for Kingston and one for me. I’ll probably do another tonight. I don’t have Kingston’s photographed yet but here’s mine.

Last night, Dexter was on my killing carving table.


Tuesday I was scheduled to have a father/son shoot late in the afternoon. As things unfolded, it turned out that my client couldn’t make it. Rather than skip the shoot, I decided to do it anyway with my own father and son duo. I had the ideas, location and final day on a rental portrait lens. No sense letting it all go to waste. I’m so glad that I did! It was another fun shoot with a great variety of (in my opinion) print worthy captures. I’ve only just begun to sort and edit but this is 4 that I love so far.

More to come, I’m sure.

To say that I am ecstatic with the results of this shoot would be an understatement. Early in the week, the forecast was calling for rain.  Since rescheduling would be difficult, we chose to stick it out and hope that it was a light rain at worst.  I brainstormed ways that we could work with the dreary situation and I ended up looking forward to getting creative in a drizzle.  As it turns out, it was an absolutely gorgeous day!  Couldn’t have been anymore perfect and we still ended up with a ton of really fun shots.  I’m almost halfway through the editing and far too many favorites.


I had a fantastic shoot today and on my way home I decided to meander the back roads.

Here’s 2 panos from my adventures. Taken with the new pano feature on the iPhone 5.



I’m on a posting roll!  Don’t worry, I’ll slink back into business in a couple days.  Get it while you can.  It ebbs and flows.
In the mean time, I’ve been catching up with all the blogs and companies I like.  I found another contest in which I’d like to participate.  The ladies over at IHeartFaces.com always have a neat one going. This week is Friends.  Of course, I’m a bias mother and see that my kids are best of friends.  So, without further ado, this is my entry.

I’m always developing my editing style. Reading tutorials and pushing the limits. HDR (high dynamic range) is something I’d like to work with more. I don’t like the crunchy, over processed look so I’m going at it, trying to find my style within the process. This is one I was messing with last night.