Stacie & Zachary

To say that I am ecstatic with the results of this shoot would be an understatement. Early in the week, the forecast was calling for rain.  Since rescheduling would be difficult, we chose to stick it out and hope that it was a light rain at worst.  I brainstormed ways that we could work with…… Continue reading Stacie & Zachary

Autumn is in the Air

Ahh…I love this season.  Today is the first official day of Fall.  This shot was captured 2 years ago, today.  It was taken on a special birthday photography adventure/hike. Many wonderful Happy Birthday wishes to my mother.  Here’s a beautiful taste of color to wet your seasonal appetite!  

New Site Design

I’m here and I’m live! It took longer than expected and still isn’t completely polished yet but the website design is out there and running full speed! After 3 years with my last host, has a new host, new look, new shopping cart and new ideas. My last host did me well. They started…… Continue reading New Site Design