I have a dream…

On the tail end of a wildly controversial election, this has nothing to do with politics. Ahhh. Isn’t that refreshing? 

For as long as I can remember, photography has been important to me. Family gatherings always included a few cameras, group shots, and a whole lot of film development for albums. I distinctly recall sitting at a library table in 8th grade, selecting classes and electives for the coming, first year of high school. I signed up for photography before anything else. Then, when I ended up enrolling in a private school instead of going public, electives were my first questions. I begrudgingly enrolled in yearbook because it included photography. Later, I found out that our school darkroom was more of a storage closet and not actually used. Disappointing but not defeating. I enrolled in a black and white class my first year of college. Now I was in my element. 

Over the years, I have vasilayted between hobby and professional. I still have my film cameras but have also ungraded to the digital age. I have run the gamut shooting everything from landscape, wildlife, and macro to events, weddings, families, and babies. While I love the connection and personal satisfaction garnered from shooting people, my true joy comes from shooting for pure creative outlet. 

I am a wanderer; a wonderer; a curiosity led explorer. Some of my most loved shots (speaking for only myself here) are the ones I discovered off the beaten path. I like to rock hop down rivers to see what’s just behind the bend. I like to chase the light through the trees of a forest even if the guided path doesn’t go that way. I like to find the scenic, back roads that only locals get to enjoy. 

When we decided to move back to Florida from Vermont, I decided to let the professional side of my photography dwindle. Florida seems so over saturated with photogs that the marketing fight didn’t seem worth the hassle. I still shoot for fun. Capturing the fleeting moments of my kids growing is still one of my greatest joys. Lately, I’ve been shooting more landscape. Oh, how I’ve missed it. It’s like an old friend I haven’t seen in a while but no time has passed when we get together. The problem is, I’m running out of wall space. I guess that’s a good problem to have. 

I have decided to put up an online shop of images to be printed on my favorite mediums (metal, acrylic, canvas, and possibly wood) . I’m still not sure of the format of the site but I’m hoping to be active by the first of the year. Who knows maybe if it’s a hit, I’ll do a little pop up gallery for a weekend somewhere in Naples. Wouldn’t that be fun?! 

In the mean time, here’s one of my favorite shots from last month when I was visiting Vermont. Believe it or not, I took this with my phone. Do not despair, I also shot it with the dslr and will more than likely make the gallery. Thanks for listening to my rambles friends. Have a great day! 


2 thoughts on “I have a dream…

  1. I love that you’re blogging again. It brings me sweet joy to read your words. When you spoke of being a wandering wonderer… that whole paragraph spoke to your mama’s soul. The kindred-ness of it nearly brought tears to my eyes. I eagerly look forward to what you bring to Kristiina Sheree Photorgraphy in the following weeks/months. xoxo

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