I recently followed a few rabbit trails that started with pinterest. Once I finally came to the end, I discovered a really cool website called Spoonflower. It’s a site that allows you to print your own designs on a variety of fabric.  With my recent sewing kick, this was right up my ally.  I immediately thought of a few Christmas present ideas but I’ll leave that for another post.  One of their categories that caught my attention was their weekly contests.  A few of them look like themes that I can tackle and this week is my first try.  The theme was Tea Towel Calendars. Many years ago, companies would print these calendars onto towels for ladies to either hang in their kitchen or use as dish towels.  I think it was advertising.  This is a cool nod to the past and an easy contest to get my feet wet.  With my knowledge of photoshop and a few ideas spinning around, I whipped this puppy up in a couple hours (on and off with the kids distracting me).
What do you think?


The deadline for submissions is today so I think it will be up for voting either Wednesday or Thursday.  I would love it if you could show your love and vote for me.  I’ll add a link to this blog when voting has started.  Feel free to Tweet, FaceBook or Pin!


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