It Happened Again!

I fell off. In my defense, I’ve barely got up from my new sewing machine to eat or sleep. I wish I had bought a new machine sooner. Normally (and it’s crossed my mind several times) I’d be blogging about my creations. The hard part is that they are gifts. My nieces birthday is in less than 2 weeks and I’ve tried to get a jump on Christmas stuff. My sister in law has asked to be surprised so I’ll share her present after it’s opened.

I also put together my first ever quilt top. It was an easy pattern but I completed the twin top in a day and a half. I impressed myself considering my 2 under 3! Kingston’s favorite statement the last few days had been ‘sewing again?’ and ‘it’s getting bigger!’ He cracks me up.

I also stitched up a lined purse for my mom. Her birthday is next weekend. I probably wouldn’t have shared that yet but Kingston spilled the beans and I gave it to her this past Sunday. I forgot to photograph it though. Maybe I’ll link to a post of moms?!  Link here.

In the mean time, I’ve been sorting through a massive stash of fabric that a lovely lady gave me. She moved out of state and it was too much of a task to take it all. Yay! I see a scrap quilt coming. Maybe a long time making kinda quilt. Moms purse was completely made of remnants from this stash and I have ideas for at least 3 more projects.

Tonight I made Aria a cute little skirt from a scrap. It’s sparkly, scrunchy, informal and only took 5-10 minutes to throw together.


Go make something.


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