Super Simple Tutu

The day I posted my daughters 9 month pictures, my friend Tiffany asked me if I made the tutu.  Indeed I did and it was the same tutu I used for her 4 month pictures with a slight modification.  I don’t recall where I saw the tutorial first.  I’ve probably read a dozen.  This one seems to be the most detailed and picture heavy. (Plus, I also love that blog!) I should have used elastic but didn’t have any on hand the night I was making it.  I used ribbon instead.  It works ok but I think the elastic would work better.  I’m going to spare you the details on how to do it, the internet certainly doesn’t need another tutorial on that!  A big tip, pack those strips in on the waist band as much as you can!  The more you have, the more full the skirt will be! Also, the tutorial shows cutting the tulle from a bolt which would probably be the bulk of your time spent on the project.  I used pre-cut rolls and cut those to (twice) my skirt length. Way faster and I think I only used 3 for this skirt!

Here’s the original (her 4 month shots) without knots.


And the modified (her 9 month shots) with knots about an inch or so from the end of each piece.


Which do you prefer?  I think I like the knots better.


4 thoughts on “Super Simple Tutu

  1. I knew that looked like your handy work. I have to be honest, I like them both knotted and unknotted. I like how you changed it and have pictures of both. I actually became interested in tutu making because Courtney Miles from ECS made one for a concert. It must be an ECS thing. If I ever have that girl, she will definitely be donning a yellow one sprayed with gold glitter.

  2. Mmmm, I could eat her up!
    I like both versions and, happy coincidence, I think they’re age appropriate. When she was young and on her tummy, I like the soft fluffiness all around her. The knots seems more grown-up… her whopping 5 months more “grown-up!” 🙂

  3. Hi… I’d like to have a tutu with knotted ends just like your daughters picture but in all white… I’d like to have my daughter take her one year old pictures in this beautiful tutu! Can you make one? If so how much would it be? Thank you! Sheila 😀

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