Nifty Little Tip

My kids occupy a lot of my time between nursing sessions and nap times. I don’t care to just lay down and be still so I spend a lot of that time reading on my phone. I look up recipes, read tutorials, catch up on blogs I like and pin a million things I want to do.

A few days ago, while I was trying to figure out how to make groups in my contacts (streamlining a little) I discovered a new field. It’s called ‘Relationship’. Hmm. Curious. With a little poking around, I learned that this was a really cool way to cross reference contacts.

This is your contact.


First, hit the ‘Edit’ button in the upper right.


Scroll to the bottom and hit the ‘add field’ button.


All the way at the bottom is the ‘Related People’ field option.


By default it lists mother as the related person.


By taping the description, it brings up a list that allows you to choose a different relationship.


Next, if you tap the arrow rather than type a name, it’ll bring up your contact list. Select whatever name corresponds to your description.




Add as many as you like.


I see this being useful for the favorites list. Add the main contact and utilize these relationships to slim the favorite list. You could also use it for a business. Use the main number as the main contact and have direct lines for others listed in the relationships. I think I might also add a contact call EMERGENCY CONTACTS. That way, if I am ever injured, my family can easily be reached with a quick look in my phone favorites. I could even add notes in that emergency contact that lists allergies, blood type, medications and existing conditions.

Hmm, going to do that now. I hope you have found this to be as useful as I have.


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