Licking the Bowl

Mom and I went blueberry picking the other day with the kids. We had a blast chatting, picking, wandering, eating, laughing. Normally it’s a quick task but this time it wasn’t.  A lot were smooshy, and many were small.  It seemed like it took forever to get anything in the bucket.  It didn’t help that little hands were trying to rob us at any opportunity. The mister had his own bucket to collect but more went in his mouth than in the bucket and even those were gobbled up too.


Sheer delight!


The day after picking, I had time to process.  I decided to do a blueberry syrup.  I halved the recipe since I didn’t get as many berries as I had hoped for.  Thankfully there is another few weeks to our blue season.  I’ll take next weekend off to work on apples and then switch back to blues.  It’s a messy job but delicious too!  Kingston thought it was quite a treat getting to lick the utensils, cups and bowls.  Check out this enthusiasm!


Get into it bubs!


Oh, you’re watching this, mom?!


Hmph, photographing too, huh?!


Ah, so what!


It’s delicious!


Lick every bit you can!


5 thoughts on “Licking the Bowl

  1. I really want to go to one of the local U Pick Farms, but it always seems to be tomatoes and not strawberries.

      1. I should look it up. It seems that whenever I do get around to planning a trip, strawberry season is over. I thought it was season now, because the strawberries are so cheap in the local store, so are the peaches for that matter.

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