Full Kitchen and Full Bellies

I’m going to preface this post with a huge request. Please overlook the quality of the images being posted!!! I figured better to blog with crumby iPhone images than to not blog at all. MmmK. Thank you very much.

The other day I noticed that my little lady was running low on mamas home made baby food. I roasted a bunch of veggies to restock the freezer. That looked like this.


Those carrots and beets are from my garden and were lovingly pull by the hands of a very strong 2&1/2 year old! AKA big brother!

The sweet potato, beets and carrots ended up looking like this once all was said and done.


The potatoes on the other hand found their way into a gnocchi recipe.


This is what a batch looks like. It ended up being dinner last night with my moms red sauce and meatballs. It was a perfect combo of her good and my gnocchi and fresh mozzarella. Yum! It was enough to feed 4 adults and a bottomless pit of a toddler.


I also doubled the batch and froze the other half with a good dusting of flour in single layers. Ready to pull and boil for a meal another day. No defrosting required.

I should also mention that my gnocchi looks like this because I don’t have a gnocchi board. Rather than fiddling with fork tines or pastry blenders to give ridges, I just used my floured fingers to make dimples. Works just fine.

Link to a recipe coming soon.


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