You must be YEA tall to ride this ride.

First I just want to start out with; Yes, I know.  I’m one of those moms.  The one that thinks their kid is the coolest and the most perfect thing ever.  Except, I know I’m right.

Just look at this.  Just turned 2 and he’s tearing it up on the slopes! More about this picture later.

It was a day mixed with a little bit of business (meeting again with the talented Gosia Meyer) and a whole LOT of pleasure! We took advantage of being in Ludlow to head down the bunny slope at Okemo.  The dude had been on his snowboard twice before and really enjoyed it.  I figured we’d walk up the trail a few times, guide him down and that would be it.  Nope, not for Kingston.  He had to go up the carpet and the ride down was a bonus.  He loved that moving carpet!

He did so amazingly well.  By the end of it all he had started doing this crouching ride.  He was even started wiggling his toes, trying to turn. All the people in the bunny slope area couldn’t keep from watching him and the liftie LOVED his style.

We all had a great time and Aria slept through it all.  As usual.  She’s such a good baby! And I also have to mention that this snow suit is a 4t.  Yeah.  My just turned 2-year-old is wearing 4t!!!!  It blows my mind.  How quickly they grow!

This series of three totally has my heart.  He’s completely doing it on his own and daddy is just there for moral support.  What really cracks me up is the 2 teens to the left in these photos.  I think there is a little disbelief about what they are seeing there!  😛

And this is a sneak peek into the wonders of Photoshop.  You couldn’t have possibly thought that I’d let my little guy go flying down the mountain unassisted! Did you?!?! Technically he was doing it on his own but he was picking up so much speed that daddy grabbed his coat to make sure he didn’t pull away from him.  Nic was getting a good workout running down that mountain with him.  I think next time, we’re going to bring along a ski pole so Kingston and Nic can each hold a side.  There were a few times when Nic had to get a little close.

This was the first time Kingston ever rode the board on snow.  It was 6 days after his 2nd birthday and only 2 short weeks prior to the above photos.

In the days after this most recent snowboarding adventure, Kingston has not stopped asking about riding.  Every time we get in the truck he points out side and says ‘Snow!’.  Shortly after he repeats over and over ‘Snowboarding’.  Yeah, he’s hooked.  It makes me smile.  I’m thrilled he loves it.  But, oh do I fear the day he’s taking the big lifts with us.  I really think I’m going to have a hard time keeping up with this fearless, speeding, very capable child!

As a side note, I underestimated how far up Kingston was going to go up these trails.  Needless to say, I came equipped with the wrong lens.  Next time I’ll be bringing my telephoto and hopefully have to crop less.  Can’t wait to do it again soon!


4 thoughts on “You must be YEA tall to ride this ride.

  1. This is fantastic! He is remarkable!!

    I love that he loves it, too. Books and snowboarding… he’s going to be so well-rounded. I love watching him discover his interests.

    I knew in that first photo there had to be a little photoshopping going on, but I thought in the original pic I was going to see Nic’s hands under his arms, guiding him and holding him up. I never imagined Nic was merely holding on to his jacket! What a kid!

  2. Love it !!!!!!! This is what I call “Ride the Glide”

    Full disclosure I am a Ski Instructor at Okemo and I get to remember that first run as a kid all the time. It is a life long joy.


  3. I have no words except to say “WOW”. Kingston never ceases to blow me away with his amazing and fearless talents. Thanks for sharing his snowboarding experiences! <3<3

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