Learning as we go

Like so many things in life, we learn as we go. For me, blogging is no exception. This attempt is by far more advanced than my attempt 3 years ago. But since I’m now with wordpress and not with blogspot, I am learning a whole new creature.

It was brought to my attention yesterday that some of you see advertisements. Hopefully soon I’ll be considered a big enough blog to have the ability to select the ads that pertain to my content but until then, I think I’ve discovered a few loopholes. In the digging that I’ve done, it appears as though these ads should only be seen by new comers or viewers that aren’t regular. To avoid the nuisance of these spots that keep the WordPress cogs turning, you can visit more often. ~insert big cheesy grin here~ Or you can create a WordPress account and log in before surfing your favorite WordPress blog ~ehem…me…cough, cough~

So until I grow into my britches and can get rid of these things, try those two tricks and let me know how it goes. I can’t see them. And please please please let me know if the content of the ads become inappropriate or is promoting something that you know I would be against.

Thank you. Carry on.


One thought on “Learning as we go

  1. I don’t see the ads, but I’m using Adblock Plus.
    No ads in fb either ;)))
    I’ve been wondering about blogs, nice set up.

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