Outdoor Winter Fun!!!

The other day, the whole family bundled up on a 16 degree day to go out and play in the snow. My parents had hiked over to Anderson’s pond a few days prior and just knew there was a plethora of fun to be had. We made sure to bring all the essentials. Of course the items to keep us warm but also a couple shovels, ice skates, snow skate, sled and a tow rope. This was the first time my boy went sledding for any significant amount of time and I have to say, by far the biggest success. Check out all this fun we had!

The dude loved sledding!



Even daddy got in on the fun on the snow skate.


Surprisingly, he didn’t mind having that scarf around his face. It was a good thing too. I forgot our mask and the wind was going pretty good! He kept it on the whole time we were out.


Nic had never skated on a pond. That’s where the shovels came in. We just had our first good snowfall of the season (very late).


Even Kingston helped!


He chased daddy in circles and begged ‘me do it’


This was as close as he got.



Daddy tried the hockey stop that he hasn’t don’t in 10+ years and (much to my amazement) didn’t bust his rump.


Grandma pulled Kingston all around the pond. (while wearing Aria so I could be daring in the snow too).



He thought it was so much fun he tried to give grandpa a ride.


We found out that it’s easier empty.


We stayed as warm as we could because we were having way too much fun!



We trekked over to the island which is a whopping 10 square feet and holds a single evergreen.



After rounding the pond over to the beaver dam, we headed back over to where Nic still skated.


It was beautiful!


Once we got home and warmed, this little darling decided to wake up. She was blissfully unaware that we had just spent a few hours playing in the cold snow.



It was a great way to spend a cold winter day.


3 thoughts on “Outdoor Winter Fun!!!

  1. We live in a beautiful state. Even better when there is snow to play in! You captured the fun and beauty of a vermont winters day with family and memorys of fun new adventures our children make being a mommy and daddy so fun and rewarding!

  2. Thank y0u, thank you for sharing your “fun day” via these wonderful photos! …and oh, Aria has me totally mesmerized!!

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