New Site Design

I’m here and I’m live! It took longer than expected and still isn’t completely polished yet but the website design is out there and running full speed! After 3 years with my last host, has a new host, new look, new shopping cart and new ideas.

My last host did me well. They started me out when I had no vision. They provided a way for me to sell prints and have an online presence when I was only selling my hobby landscape work. But as that hobby interest grew into a serious desire for dedicated professional income my needs in my host changed. I’ve outgrown what they can give me and I thank them for giving me a start.

Yay for starting the new year with lofty goals. Yay for starting it with pretty websites and the ding of emails pouring in. (ok, maybe not pouring in but I have noticed an increase!)

Thanks to my new host and designer of my template Creative Motion Design.

Stay tuned for more blogs and a whole lot more fun. I have big things in the works. I’ll do my best to make these posts as regular as possible.

Since this is a photography blog, I’ve been told that I need to include a photo. Here’s a little something that touches on my landscape and shows you what a beautiful location I live in!



2 thoughts on “New Site Design

  1. Awesome! Love the look, and love the new post! Positive and exciting things ahead.
    The banner pic is gorgeous! Okemo? Can’t wait till you regularly start putting pictures on here, too.

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